How To Find Your Ideal Job In The Post Pandemic Era

‘I’m justtired of searching for a job! Sounds familiar? ‘I look every day but I don’tseem to find anything that I really want to do’. Heard that before? ‘All the job postings I find requires several years of experience or college degrees that I do not have. This discourages me to even apply’. Could this be someone you know? 

Job searching can be tedious andtime consuming these days yet rewarding if you learn to use the right tools,skills and resources available. There are many good reasons why one may be looking for a job. If you recently graduated from school you would want to start your life in the real corporate world where you can make impact with your knowledge, skills and ideas. You may also need a second job to help foot your bills, save for a business, gain experience or just for the fun and challenge of having multiple careers. Whatever your reason or reasons maybe the truth is anyone can find their dream job any day any time. ‘Right’ you might say but why is it so difficult sometimes to find that particular job posting in the first place let alone apply for it, attend an interview and be chosen? Essentially, whereyou look, when you look and howyou search for job openings is key to finding your dream or dayjob. 

Where to look for a Job 

Let’s begin with where to lookfor a job in the first place. The ‘where to look’ basically depends on yourgeographical location. For instance, if you live in a small country or state and newspaper for example is most popular consider looking at the classified and job posting section. Most newspapers have employment sections and usually advertise ‘Help Wanted’ in their Classifieds ads. 

On the other hand, if you live ina large country or city the internet is a great place to look. Today, with theinternet and globalization online job search has become very popular. Google is one of the best places to start.  Websites such as,,, simply hired,, are  few of the leading job searchengines when looking to get jobs in the USA. 

Attending job fairsor networking events is another ‘place’ to consider whenhunting for a job. Job fairs present the opportunity to meet potential employers. This gives you the chance to ask questions about when jobs are usually posted and even job requirements. Knowing when they post the jobs for example puts you ahead of the game as you get to look and be the first to see the job so you can take your time and apply. It also helps you prepare on how to apply and what supporting documents to gather to support your application. 

Referrals from friends and familyis also key in looking for a job. Your friends and families might see orknow of a job opening that you haven’t seen or explored it. 

Navigating an organization orcompany’s websites is another way to find a job posting. Mostorganizations have job vacancies sites where jobs are posted as and when they are available. Your goal is to visit this site as often as you wish to look out for jobs that might be of interest to you or fit into your dreams and career. 

And finally visiting anemployment agency can help you land your dream job. Employmentagencies usually post a number of job openings and help clients through the application process. 

When should you search? 

Anytime and every time. You cansearch daily, weekly or hourly if you use the internet or organization’swebsites. ‘I looked every day and everywhere’ says Michelle whenasked how she found her dream job as a Sales Executive at her dream company. Michelle searched on line, told her family and friends she was looking for job just in case they saw or heard something or even if there was an opening where they were working. All of this reduced the stress of thinking there were no jobs out there. 

How should you search on line? 

The internet has become a verybig resource in searching and applying directly for jobs. If you decide to useit you will need to narrow down your search to key words of what you want to do exactly. For example ‘IT’, Customer service, Education etc. Some website would ask you further to enter your location or even salary range. Not narrowing down your search to specific key words could be overwhelming as all the thousands of jobs posted would pop up. You should narrow down your search to category or job type which usually shows as Job title or key word. You then need to enter your state, city or zip code of where you live. Some search engines have simplified this process and allows you to enter only your city or state, zip code and which field you are searching. 

In conclusion, in searching forone’s dream job it is critical to look deep and wide yet important tonarrow down your search to specific field and target a particular organization or group of companies you desire to work for. How flexible you are also determines when and what job you can find. For example if you are flexible and ready to travel more 30 minutes each day to work it expands the areas of search. In the same manner if you are flexible and ready to travel outside of your country or state your chances are also high as you would have a variety of options. Once you decide what you want to do and how far you are willing to go you just have to keep looking very often narrowing down your search to specifics that matter to you. You can work with a career coach who can assist you through your job search process. For example, is a leading career services consultancyfirm that assist clients in their job search and application process and even evaluate clients resumes and prepare them for job interviews. 

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